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Writer, mum, general dog's body from the south of Aotearoa/New Zealand.

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Where Do I Start? (2017, Penguin Random House) 4 stars

Review of 'Where Do I Start?' on 'Goodreads'

4 stars

I really enjoyed this one.

An interesting second-chance Romance in that the couple broke up 2 years prior to the beginning of this book due to cheating. That'll be a deal-breaker for many readers of Romance, which is one reason my reading group decided to give it a go.

If the best part of reading a Romance is falling a little (or a lot) in love with the main characters, then, yeah. This one has succeeded for me.

I had to use a little mental gymnastics to be OK with it all, but, at time of cheating, the cheater (Fletch) would've been 22-23. He's now 25. Brain maturity, and all... I could believe he was ready to change.

There were a few times when the alternating 1st-person confused me (I'd forget which head I was in during a fast-paced dialogue and have to back up). And there was one bit …

Station Eleven (2014) No rating

Station Eleven is a novel by the Canadian writer Emily St. John Mandel. It takes …

Review of 'Station Eleven' on 'Goodreads'

No rating

Enjoyed the journeys well enough. I am left with a couple of questions, though, especially in light of people saying this story highlights the importance or power of art. My big question, then, is: Why does there seem to be no NEW art? The Symphony performs Shakespeare, already hundreds of years old. And then a few people in the world are connected by a couple of comic books also created pre-pandemic. I wondered where the new art might be (carvings in trees? Drawings with charcoal? People are resourceful.

Also, I was quite surprised by how little nature had moved back in. Fifteen years and cars were still sitting on roads without any growth over them. I mean, where birds poop, plants grow. Ever left a car sitting for a few months, to a year? How often have you seen a car with moss beginning to grow around wing mirrors? It …