The Black Prism

(Lightbringer, #1)

Hardcover, 629 pages

English language

Published March 25, 2010 by Orbit.


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5 stars (2 reviews)

The Black Prism is a fantasy novel by American author Brent Weeks. It is the first entry in the five-volume Lightbringer Series, and follows the 'Prism' Gavin Guile, the most powerful person in the world, as he fights against an uprising by a self-proclaimed king. The book is described by the author as "a story of normal brothers—who happen to be in extraordinary circumstances", and touches on themes of conflict, resentment and love. It was first released in August 2010, and received mostly positive reviews.

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Review of 'The Black Prism (Lightbringer, #1)' on 'Goodreads'

4 stars

'You gotta read this! No, really. C'mon, there's a maa-aap.'

Yes, I am one of the sad saps who read to the end of the acknowledgements.

OK, so I'm not entirely certain how I feel about some of the characters. But, I did feel rather attached to one in particular (and even him I'm not totally sure about how perfectly moral he is ... but, mostly he tries), and that counts for a lot. Would I like to read the next one? Yeah, I'd be tempted to give it a go. Only problem I see is if my fave character bows out too early. But, I can see a chance he might make it a bit longer. If so, then I'm sure I could go the whole trilogy.

I really like this idea of light magic - the visual imaginings were fun (picturing people with bright lights flashing out of …