The Kingfisher's Debt

Paperback, 314 pages

Published Sept. 28, 2018 by Ifwg Publishing Australia.


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4 stars (1 review)

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Review of "The Kingfisher's Debt" on 'Goodreads'

4 stars

I think the speed with which I read this one is testament to how much I enjoyed it. Sorry family, I am indeed behind on dishes, etc. And sorry to my readers, I did put off a day of writing to read.

As others have mentioned, there is some time-hopping between "present day" and the MC's teenage years. It took a few chapters for me to get into partly for this reason -- a lot of characters to meet -- but I liked how it let us see the MC's teenage romance develop, which definitely affected how I felt about things happening in the present timeline. And I'm all about feelings.

This is Urban Fantasy. And it's Urban Fantasy set in NZ. There is snark. The author is a master of snark.

Partly due to the snark, I was concerned that I would be dealing with an unreliable narrator, which …