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Published March 25, 2009 by Collins.


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Magician is a fantasy novel by American writer Raymond E. Feist. It is the first book of the Riftwar Saga and of the wider Riftwar Cycle. Magician was originally published in 1982. The book is set in a Dungeons & Dragons-style fantasy world called Midkemia, originally invented by Feist and his friends during college. The story follows the early life of friends Pug and Tomas as their world is overtaken by war against alien invaders who appear via portals. In 1992, after the author, and series, fame had grown it was re-published in an edition titled "The Author's Preferred Edition" (or "revised edition" in some markets) text restored from the original edit. Magician is viewed as a classic Fantasy novel which focuses more on the broad politics of nations rather than individual stories. Several adaptions for TV have been attempted, but none have moved beyond the initial stage.

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